Frequently asked questions about the Sleekz®


Are the Sleekz® available on Amazon?

Yes, We're finally back on Amazon.  We're a brand spanking new product, just type "Sleekz® gaming gloves" and we'll pop up. 

Why should I buy the Sleekz®?

The Fiery Phoenix Sleekz® are designed to focus on just your gaming touch points on the controller and will significantly cut down on sweaty hands during gameplay. 

There are over 145 million gamers in the US, but only 3,000 Sleekz® in this particular edition.

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When did this edition launch?

Fiery Phoenix Sleekz® 3,000 2nd limited edition 

August 13, 2021 

*Grip It Sleek LLC production was slowed due to Covid-19 for little over a year. 


  • What if I ordered the wrong size?  

Visit our easy self service customer return portal here for all your returns or exchanges!

  • How do I track my order? 

We will email you the tracking information when your Sleekz® is on the way!

  • Is this the only Sleekz® color that’s available?

Currently no.  We have currently two editions. 

Our Midnight Ravens inventory sold out late 2019 on Amazon.

  • 1st Thousand Edition
  • All black Sleeks with purple finger sides
  • Nicknamed: Midnight Raven


   2nd edition Sleekz® 3,000 

  • All red Sleekz® with black finger sides 
  • Nicknamed: Fiery Phoenix (Limited edition)


 Where does Grip It Sleek LLC ship?


Grip It Sleek LLC ships to the following:

  • All US States including Alaska and Hawaii
  • PO boxes (Not eligible for expedited shipping methods and only able to be delivered via USPS.)


Grip It Sleek LLC NOW ship internationally. 


There are fee associated to internationally shipping.  

How long does it take for international orders to be delivered?

The delivery time will vary by country and region. These are the current transit time estimates:

Canada and Europe: 4-15 business days

Rest of world: 8-15 business days

 *The customer will have to settle any charges in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered to the customer.*

Customs will contact the customer once the shipment arrives in the destination country.

We're also on Amazon.com 

Just type  "Sleekz gaming gloves" and you'll find us. 


Every new edition and version will have its own identity, new color scheme, and story to add to the catalog.  This is the first in a line of many.

  • Can my Sleekz® be washed?

Yes :-D

  1. Use warm water 
  2. Wash on gentle cycle and your standard detergent.
  3. Tumble dry, low heat
  • What does "Sleeking" the controller mean?

Sleeking the controller means to remove the slippery hand oils and any other traces of slippery substances that don't allow you to have a solid grip on your controller.