About us

 Grip it Sleek is an open innovation company that promotes ideas and will share residuals from concepts from our fan base.  In due time, you'll see our business model.  Just remember the term "beneficiary Sleekz®".  

Grip it Sleek is a brand incorporated in MD.  This is a brand that's different and will have an interactive feel to it.

We're selling a unique and innovative design that's spanking brand new.  

Our goal is to have a catalog with different versions and editions of the Sleekz®.  For example, golf Sleekz®, counting money Sleekz® and fashion Sleekz® are just a few of our future products. 

We will work with our core fan base to create innovative Sleekz®.  The lucky bunch will, yes, see a slice and therefore will be the beneficiary of that particular pair of Sleekz® designed. A specific charity could be a beneficiary as well. 



"Show your controller some love"

"This entire project was done solely with Google and YouTube. I didn't have any mentors or anyone to show me the ropes in bringing a product to life from a concept. I failed forward numerous times and was determined to see it to a tangible product.  Listen, from the bottom of my heart...hope you all enjoy the Sleekz®.” 

"Hear the squeak, and your controller's Sleeked"



Any question Feel free to contact me directly about any questions dealing with your Sleekz purchase. 

Mr. Sleekz 443-552-8556