Sleeking your gaming device


It happens to the best gamers at the worst times, all over the globe during casual gaming moments as well as tournaments involving prize money.  Your fingers slip, get sweaty, and the famous downward leg wipes down the jeans to keep the action going...sound familiar?  Does this happen to you?  

Don't sweat it, literally!



Hello there and thanks for viewing our site and checking out our innovation creation. I'm Marcial and our company has a stylish solution to this problem.  Don't worry, our Sleekz® got you covered!

I played in a tournament that involved bragging rights and a nice check, a really nice one! Picture it: Fourth quarter, it’s the two-minute drive to win the game.  I'm driving down the field, my running back breaks loose to the left, a great audible block!  I can see the end zone, and my opponent is right on me. 


Then my adrenaline was going and it got hot, my hands got clammy and my fingers started slipping big time, centimeter by centimeter off the analog stick.  Due to the crucial slip, I stopped for only fractions of a second on the thirteen-yard line, I tried to continue my stride and then a hit stick fumble, game over!


I was hurt and determined to regain my crown.  The Madden Gods had nothing to do with this one!

The official video gaming glove also nicknamed the "Sleekz®" was born.

 Introducing Sleekz®️ – Revolutionize your gaming experience with unprecedented gripping control and moisture-wicking innovation. Our cutting-edge design targets the primary fingers and palms, providing a lightweight, non-bulky solution to prevent sweating and blistering during intense gameplay. Elevate your performance with the first-of-its-kind Sleekz®️, setting a new standard in gaming comfort and precision.


 Additional Features

  • four-way stretching Poly-Lycra, very soft and delicate.
  • Silicon printed palms.
  • straps around the center of the palm and wrist to hold the glove on the side of the hand.

 "Don't be fooled with your standard hot five finger glove for gaming that's too bulky, and the weightlifting style gloves."

The Sleekz® signature design significantly reduces slipping due to clammy hands. Keep your microfiber cloth nearby. Sleek your gaming device until you feel and hear the squeak. You'll know when your controller oil-free.



"Stay Sleeked and experience the product hands-on"